Sunday, May 22, 2011


Allow me to start by saying Congrats Mr. Rogers and Rochelle! Talk about a one-upper, poppin the question in Italy. For us we're slowly making headway on our plans. We did tour five wineries in the ATX/Dripping Springs area yesterday with some peeps from my work. I think we (mostly I) inadvertently scouted places to someday live. We feasted at Salt Lick and I can now die a happy man. The proper words to describe such a wonderful place are hard to find. We stumbled across a well named wine from one of the tastings that we might incorporate into the wedding, but a lady never asks and a gentleman never tells which wine it is exactly. We possibly decided on an invitation too, but again I ain't squealin. If we like you then you're sure to get one and you can see what it looks like then!

Jess is getting settled in her new trabajo. In due time she'll get to work in the trauma rooms and I'm sure shortly thereafter she'll be running the trauma rooms. She's so smart (and HOT!). Unfortunately, she gets to sit through a bunch of orientation meetings and classes this whole week. Talk about a blast and a half. I've completed most of my orientation meetings at Wilford so I won't get to have that kinda fun again until I go to BAMC and who knows when that will be. The situation at BAMC was described to me as a pissing contest where the world's water supply won't meet the demand. Oh well, I'll just keep on doing my orientation and learning how they do things here. In terms of things from my perspective, I love my job so they can keep pissing all they want. Well it's off to dinner...she wants pizza and who am I to say no!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boom shocka locka!

She's gonna cry!...not Jess but some girl on TV who just lost minute to win it. We are still getting plans knocked out left and right. And by knocked out I mean narrowing them down to three or four possibilities for each decision. We did decide on colors..."Overjoy (goldish yellow) and Cityscape (gray)" according to the color wheel from Sherwin Williams. I actually did stop into a paint store and originally had the intention of snagging every shade of yellow from the little samples with three shades each on them, but the sales lady came up to me and offered to let me take the sample pack of every color they have so we had more than enough choices to look through and that's what we decided on. To give ya'll a hint without giving anything away about some of the decor, keep in mind that fire is yellow! We skidaddled up to the Wack last weekend and got great ideas on decor and scoped out potential places for the rehearsal dinner. Like I said, we're knocking out decisions left and right so I'll leave you with a riddle: You have two coins that equal fifteen cents and one of them is NOT a nickel, how do you do it?