Saturday, November 26, 2011

ghetto much?

Our amazing wedding photographer told us that she wanted to rush some prints to us before Trace left for New Jersey so that he could take some actual photos with him. He left before they arrived, but when the prints showed up at my front door, I instantly teared up. She sent 3 different images in a couple different sizes. Here is a ghetto sneak peek of one of them.

I took this picture of the picture with my phone and emailed it to Trace....and then mailed him the actual photos.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

could it beeee more official?

After 2 ceremonies, 2 honeymoons and a bunch of explanations, we are officially Mr. & Mrs. Teas for the whole world to know. We could not have asked for a more perfect, more special time with our families and friends. I'm working on several blog posts to cover the weekend's activities, mostly for myself - because I don't want to forget anything!

After 5 days in Florida, I sent Trace packing. On Saturday, Trace and I reluctantly made our way to the airport. We packed Sully in the car so he could soak up as much of Trace's scent as possible.

Trace had to pick up his weaponry at the airport. So, the other airport patrons and I watched in semi horror as four uniformed people opened gigantic gun cases and inspected the contents. I was ill at ease and I knew what was going on, I can only imagine what the other people were thinking. We spent about 30 minutes in the USO waiting area where they force fed us kolaches and candy. Eventually we had to part ways and I watched Trace through security and stood on tip-toes until I couldn't see him anymore. I'm sure I looked psychotic as I stood there, but that was only the beginning. I handed the pay for parking lady a teary snot covered debit card and pressed ahead. Since we were half way to the dog park, I took Sully to participate in his favorite past-times - sniffing and peeing -- and my spirits were immediately lifted.

Later in the afternoon, I packed up the dog to head to Waco. We didn't have any real plans, but Dad casually mentioned that he had box seats to that nights Baylor football game. I peer pressured Austin into coming along so the three of us set out to what would be the most exciting football game I have ever been to. After 4 nail biting quarters my Bears beat OU for the first time in history. Emotions were already running high that day and I may have shed a few tears. Trace would have totally made fun of me. The next day my Uncle Tim and his boys came up to Waco and we all went to the Baylor girls basketball game - not as nail biting, but still a win for good ol' BU.

Sully and I came home to San Antonio today and started the grand task of fitting all our new goodies into our already stuffed full apartment. I think it will be a work in progress for a quite some time. Right now, I'm spoiled in the fact that Trace is readily accessible. We are able to text all day and Skype at night. I try to not think about what it will be like when he actually leaves the US. The wedding was the best distraction EVER. Now, the fact that Trace is leaving leaving is never far from my thoughts.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

another 15 minutes

In nursing school, I stumbled across a waste-time website. I eventually got my brothers involved and clued Trace in on the wonders that it It is basically a catch all for anything nonimportant that is on the internet - stupid pictures, funny videos, people asking outlandish questions and expecting equally outlandish answers. It became a part of life during boring lectures and continues to be a source of entertainment when I find myself suffering from shift work disorder ;)

Recently, one of the "hive-mind" asked if anyone had ever been on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. When I saw the request, I immediately text messaged trace and below is a link to what transpired. I find Trace and his writing especially endearing...

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Trace is answering as "Imthekitty"

Also, only another 9 days until wedding day!!!

aaannnnd nothing makes deployment more real than having a meeting to sign your Last Will and Testament.... :(