Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's been a day or two

So apparently neither Jess nor I have updated this thing in a few days so I figured I would...why not?  We just got back from Easter at my parent's house in ATX. Even though we weren't at our home, the Easter bunny did manage to find us and bring us each a gift. We did have quite an unexpected surprise during the church service. In the middle of the service, my phone started buzzing in my pocket.  I glanced at it and it had a 512 number so I automatically it was another call for the previous occupier of my number who still call and text regularly even though I inform them they have the wrong number.  A few seconds later my phone started buzzing again. Jess noticed and happened to look at her phone to see that the same number had been trying to call her as well.  That's when it hit us...them dang dogs! We had put our dogs in my parent's backyard with their dogs before we left.  I had slightly blocked the gate to keep them from sneaking out, but they were obviously undeterred in their quest for mischief anytime they're left to their own devices in any backyard.  I texted this random number and had our fears confirmed that they had escaped but were noticed by some friendly neighbors up the road.  I had to sneak out and drive back to the house to get them.  Thankfully it was three siblings who found them and were more than generous to get them back to us immediately.  The dogs were, of course, happy as could be to meet new people and then see me pulling in the driveway.  All in all, the day was a success and both hounds are passed out cold right now.

So yea, maybe we'll do better about updating this thing from time to time now.  Only time will tell!