Thursday, November 3, 2011

another 15 minutes

In nursing school, I stumbled across a waste-time website. I eventually got my brothers involved and clued Trace in on the wonders that it It is basically a catch all for anything nonimportant that is on the internet - stupid pictures, funny videos, people asking outlandish questions and expecting equally outlandish answers. It became a part of life during boring lectures and continues to be a source of entertainment when I find myself suffering from shift work disorder ;)

Recently, one of the "hive-mind" asked if anyone had ever been on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. When I saw the request, I immediately text messaged trace and below is a link to what transpired. I find Trace and his writing especially endearing...

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Trace is answering as "Imthekitty"

Also, only another 9 days until wedding day!!!

aaannnnd nothing makes deployment more real than having a meeting to sign your Last Will and Testament.... :(

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