Saturday, December 3, 2011


So a bazillion years ago, we went on our honeymoon to the Florida Keys - Marathon Island, more specifically. Early early early (4 30am) Sunday after the wedding Trace and I loaded up the truck and drove 3 hours home to San Antonio in order to catch our 9 00 flight to Florida. We spent the majority of that day flying and driving which doesn't sound so bad, but we were exhausted. It was on the first day of the honeymoon that the reality of Trace's deployment really hit home. Planning a wedding is the most fabulous distraction ever. We spent the next couple of days lounging in our cottage, swimming, having several near death experiences (canoeing and scootering), eating and driving - we did a lot of driving.

We managed to snap just a few pics.

obligatory honeymoon drinks in souvenir glasses

75 and sunny every day!

somehow my makeup didn't make it into my suitcase. a week without having to wear makeup is definitely my kind of honeymoon.

We were much more diligent about documenting the honeymoon with the video camera that Trace bought for his deployment. I have watched all the videos at least 10 times since he left. The videos are taking forever to upload, so I will have to do some research on that.

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