Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well we're officially San Antonians, if that's what you call us/them? We're still getting acquainted with the new town, but so far we love what we've experienced. Jess' uncle dubbed us "09'ers", which Jess knew what meant right off the bat, 48 hours later I figured it out. The zip code for Alamo Heights, where we both live, is put two and two together, we're a couple of 09'ers! We've hit up a bunch of the local flavors in an attempt to expand our tastes and so far we've been delighted in the local flavor. We've walked to dinner a few nights b/c the area is has plenty of options that allow us to walk off our evening's cuisine. There are plenty of good burger joints and of course good tex-mex to fill our guacamole fixes. Being nurses and given my maturity level, I still chuckle to myself when I call guac, "guaiac". If you don't know what that means, look it up and you too will find yourself chuckling. This weekend we went to Screwston for Andrea's baby shower. It felt a little outta place being back in the 713, but good nonetheless. We would have been remiss to not eat at Goode Co. Taqueria on a Sunday mornin' so we obliged ourselves and what a delight it was. Their huevos con tocino are still the bomb diggity and they still have a balloon artist to entertain me...and the kids. You're gosh dang darn right I stalked her from across the saloon and raised my hand like a first grader to get her attention. When she came to our table, two little punks walked up and played the "I'm a cute little 6 year old" card to try to get her to make their balloon figures first, but I batted my eyes and Hector flexed his muscles so she tended to us first. I asked for an alien from Toy Story (one of the 3-eyed creatures). A table full of 5 people ranging from 25-35 years of age sat in amazement for the next 6.5 minutes as this artist created a truly exquisite masterpiece that closely resembles my requested alien. In the midst of this, it dawned on me...I'm a 26 year old officer in the Air Force, wearing a Transformers t-shirt, and requesting a balloon figure from a child's life is awesome!!! Who says you have to be a robot in the military and can't have a beautiful fiance? To say I'm blessed would be a drastic understatement. But for now I've gotta run b/c there's an Anamaniacs marathon I need to partake in!

P.S. I love ending sentences with prepositions


  1. Well, now y'all need to visit the ATX and grab some food with me and my girlfriend!