Friday, September 16, 2011

13 days out...

Almost 2 weeks have passed since our big "I Dos." Two weeks ago, we were heading to the River Walk with Trace's family and now here we are just a couple of old married folks. Wedding number one was absolutely perfect. Even though I lost the marriage license and Trace forgot the bread for communion, things were perfect. I have never felt more blessed in my life - to be surrounded by our families, making that huge of a commitment - the feeling is indescribable. We are so thankful that everyone was able to be so flexible and helpful. We needed all the help we could get! I surprisingly held myself together, my mouth was doing a weird twitching thing, but overall the tears were at a minimum. Good thing.. because the new waterproof mascara that I bought was very disappointing!!

Skip to the honeymoon and the perfectness continued! The bed and breakfast was impeccable. I guess Labor Day weekend is a convenient time to get married because the other couples at the B&B were all celebrating their anniversaries. I'll be honest, we went all out to celebrate. First meal as a married couple... Digiorno and Doritos. It was perfect! The next day, we made it out to the beach. Trace was not exaggerating when he said it was windy. I think we both ate a ton of sand. Trace was a tad nervous about losing his ring. He kept his left hand in a perfect fist whenever we were in the water. Humorous and endearing - like always!

Eventually we made it to the Randy Rogers Concert. We both got frisked for the first time at the entry to the concert - I guess Corpus Christi is a haven for guns/pepper spray/ drugs in concerts. The place was packed, but T and I found a perfect place on the grass and I loudly sang along to EVERY song. Like T said, a Randy Rogers concert was our first "date." Here on our honeymoon, he confessed that "I had no intention of dancing with you" that night. And wouldn't you know, that is exactly what we did! We spent that night and this night dancing the night away. Perfect!

Honeymoon - September 2011

1st "Date" - April 2009

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  1. Labor Day weekend is the perfect weekend to get married. Totally agree!