Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are you sure you're sure?

Couldn't help but ask when you get this face in response to mailing out invitations.

I guess he doesn't really have a choice considering he is doing all that with a ring on his finger. The invitations are in the mail, the bridal shower is complete, the final meeting with the venue, the caterer and the photographer is in the all we can do is cross our fingers. I originally hoped that we wouldn't be freezing at our outdoor wedding in November, now I'm hoping we aren't still looking at 100 degree temps.

Thankfully, we aren't stressing too much about the final details. Trace left on Sunday for a month's worth of trauma training, but we spent the week before playing!

We spent a weekend in Dallas for Amanda's Wedding/ Roomie Reunion.

Nothing like a Middle/High School Reunion in Waco at a bridal shower to make your heart happy! Yay for awkward wedding showers not being too awkward. Trace was such a trooper and even answered all the shower game questions correctly!

Trace left for Baltimore 3 days ago, so Sully and I are surviving on our own. It is not like Sully is suffering... every night that I'm at work, my mom brings the poor dog a chicken sandwich! I think we will survive!

While Trace is gone my big obstacle is going to be explaining to all the grumpy old nurses at my job that I (with barely 2 years of nursing experience) am going to be quitting my job to start grad school in January.

At some time on I-35 this week, Trace and I reminisced about the events of the year...

January - Jess turns 26 (old)
February- Trace proposes! SURPRISE
March - Everyone quits their jobs/ Trace starts Air Force Career
April- We all move to San Antonio
May- Jess starts new job
June- Trace turns 27 (oldER)
August - Trace gets deployment orders
September - We get married!!!
October- Jess gets accepted to grad school/ Trace starts pre-deployment training
November- WEDDING!!
December - Trace goes to Afghanistan by 12/31/2011

It makes my head spin just to think about! There is no way that 2012 can top this!!!

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  1. that's certainly a crazy list. Glad your not feeling too stressed out about everything!