Monday, October 24, 2011

Mike & Molly isn't funny

We've been slacking a little bit on updating this sue us! Things have been different than usual 'round here lately. I had a TDY (air force speak for a temporary training exercise) in Baltimore for 3 weeks for trauma training. During that time, Jess worked her (cute) butt off. It sucked in all honesty. That town is nothing but an overgrown ghetto. I'm sure there are nice parts of town, but they are few and really far between. No wonder they send nurses there for trauma training (e.g. gunshots, stabbings). Definitely came to the conclusion that it's really gonna suck come 19 Nov!!! Sully sure got spoiled rotten during my absence though. How can you resist his cute little face though? He got to sleep on the couch and even on the bed! My first night back, we got in bed to go to sleep and he comes up and gives me a look like "where am I supposed to lay down?". When I'm here, there's plenty of room for him on his own bed or on the floor as far as I'm concerned.

It's even been so long that we haven't even gotten to tell y'all the good news...Jess got into grad school. As if there was ever any doubt that she would, we got official word saying they'd be honored to have her as a student/future alumni. She'll begin her domination in January. This will hopefully keep her mind occupied in my absence. She still tries to act like she didn't think she'd get in, but it's a sham.

Anywho, things are getting finalized for the wedding. It's gonna be the bomb-diggity (yes I just said that)! We'll see y'all there! Thanks to the amazing shower a few weeks ago, we've been trying out our new toys. The Keurig coffee maker could very well turn us/me into coffee drinkers, hopefully not to the point where we don't function properly without our morning joe, but at least regular consumers of fair-trade completely organic coffee of course (note the sarcasm). Jess put the new crock pot to AMAZING use tonight. She whipped up the most amazing pot roast that completely restored my faith in homemade pot roast. I say restored my faith in it b/c growing up, every time we went to Nana's house she always had a pot roast in the oven when we arrived so, naturally, I assumed she made it herself. This went on for 24 years, literally! It wasn't until I moved to El Paso for nursing school that I learned she had been buying them from a meat market down the street and just warming them in the oven for us all those years. Imagine my devastation when I learned of such a monstrosity. Duped by my own Nana; oh the humanity. Thank you Jess for giving me the ability to believe again...thank you!

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  1. Congrats on your grad school acceptanace, Jessica! I can't believe I'll see you in 5 days!!!