Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Callin up dinosaurs

Well I am completely settled in my base and my room. The first couple of weeks were spent getting acquainted with everyone and everything, learning the ropes, and getting settled in our rooms. My room has a pretty nice set up now. I opted for more of an open floor plan so I built some shelves to stack all my crap on instead of filling the floor with it. Apparently RUS's (rodents of unusual size) are not just found in the fire swamp of The Princess Bride, but also in Afghanistan so the more things kept off the floor, the less temptation these varmint have to come to your room for investigation. The only things on my floor are the feet to my bed frame, desk, and shelves. Yes mother, you taught me well!

Mail is hit or miss. Supposedly people have sent some letters, but I have only received one letter from Kayman. On the flip side, packages seem to be harder to lose. On the days we get mail, which is usually 3-4 days a week, there are always packages but very few letters. So if you are one of the authors of the supposed letters and you haven't heard from me, please know that my lack of response is entirely on purpose and definitely not because I haven't received them. I also have lost my sarcastic abilities. Since the FST I am with is a reserve unit from Ohio, a couple support groups up there have rosters of our unit and send us care packages. I have receieved three care packages from these groups and they are very nice. It's amazing how a package from a total stranger that I'll probably never meet can boost your morale. If you ever have a chance to buy a package or pay for one to be mailed to the troops where ever or whoever they might be, I strongly urge you to do to it. However, getting mail from my amazing WIFE has been the greatest thing since being here! And the package from my momma was awesome as well.

In terms of patients, we haven't been very busy, but this is expected as there is very little going on during the cold season. We've had one trauma patient, but he was okay and we got him on a flight to a larger facility within 55 minutes of him coming through our door. Other than that we train, train, and train some more so that we can be as best prepared for the worst of scenarios as possible. We coordinate our trainings with the German med team and all the medical people on base and actually have a good time doing it. It's a great group of guys here so we'll be able to perform well with whatever is thrown our way.

Now for the important part...my wife is HOT! And she's probably shaking her head, blushing, and thinking to herself "oh my gosh" right now. I love her! She's amazing!!!

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