Friday, March 30, 2012

Those Baby Wipes are MINE!

Well it again has been a whole minute since I've updated this thingy so please forgive me. I am over half way done with my deployment which means I'm coming up on the home stretch and will be home with my amazing and gorgeous esposa before too long. Some days it seems like time is flying by and other days not so much. I am very grateful to be stationed where I'm at (even though I can't say exactly where I am on here) and be working with this group of soldiers. They are a great group and have adopted myself and Doyle (my other AF commrade) with open arms. The CRNA, Capt Larson, who was with us when we arrived has already gone home since he only has to do a 90 day rotation and his replacement has arrived. That alone is motivation to become a CRNA and also join the reserves. Capt Larson was an excellent mentor and friend to me and I am proud to say I served with him.

We have received some incredible care packages from so many people. Shout out to my sister and her student council kids for sending us 7 care packages and enough easy mac to last us a whole month as well as baby wipes coming out of our butts...wait, that came out wrong...but they did send us a generous supply of baby wipes. You might be asking yourself why on earth we'd need baby wipes. Well the TP here is known as John Wayne grade TP and since John Wayne never took shit from anyone, well neither does this TP. Compound that fact with also running out of paper de toilette for three days and you quickly grasp the reason for such excitement about baby wipes. Although scavenging the entire base for TP was an adventure in itself, I'm happy to have a secure stockpile of cushy tushy!

Since our patient census has been low and slow, we find ourselves with ample free time. We do some sort of medical training every day, but there comes a point when you have to do other stuff to occupy the time. Well we workout everyday and we have five shelves of supplements between all the people in our FST so you'd be right to call us a bunch of meatheads. Some of these guys would probably take that as a compliment even. I have tried to find different ways to serve my time. I started brushing up on my espanol un poco with Rosetta Stone but found it pretty hard to do with nobody to speak spanish with here. I have successfully read the first book of the Hunger Games series and am finishing up the second book now with the third one on the way. Recently I've started growing grass. Yep, that's right...grass. Fescue to be exact. My parents sent me some potting soil and fescue seed so I built me a little 15"x 24" box and have started growing my own little lawn. Today I got my first little blade of grass too! My goal is to grow some bluebonnets once all the grass grows in and I already have some bluebonnet seeds so expect some great pics when it's all said and done.

The biggest thing I've learned so far is something I already knew but get to experience every day and that is how incredible my wife is. She has gone house hunting and found us a new place to live. We are gonna have our own house! We're renting it but now Sully can have himself a backyard and we won't have elephants for neighbors living above us and bedrooms for all our peeps when they come to visit. Jess has also started her new job at Methodist Stone Oak and will be running their ER in no time, all the while setting the curve on every test so far in her patho class! Yea she's that good!!! I get to talk to her each night and it is the absolute greatest part of my day, every single day. Hearing her voice is my motivation every day. It's also given me a whole new appreciation for being with her when we're together. We had talked about how this deployment would make us enjoy our time together even more before I left and so we savored every second together. Now I can't wait to see her again and be by her side. She is the most amazing person and I love her more than I ever knew you could love somebody (and no you can't chalk this up to us being newlyweds, I just love her that much). And she's incredibly HOT ;)

I leave you with a pic I took of the Flag of the State of Texas being flown over base. What a site that was to see! I'm also known as the guy from Texas around base now...I'll take it!


  1. Finally! Your aunt by marriage is relieved to get an update........we never know who is thinking of us..........:)

  2. Trace, you are golden! Jessica has a true gem. Thank you for sharing your experiences, heart & wit with your blog followers!