Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6 weeks

Trace and I had a enlightening moment on the phone recently.  We decided that he was six weeks from coming home... and upon further contemplation, we decided that we have only been in the same city for 6 weeks since we have been married. If that doesn't put this short time into perspective, I don't know what will.  When we first found out about Trace's deployment, he was certain that he would be home by his birthday - June 23rd. However, it is looking like we won't be seeing Trace stateside until mid-July.  That might as well be tomorrow!!!

I had a psycho moment this week and made Trace promise that he wouldn't surprise me and come home early.  (I have been watching a lot of surprise videos from the .. and it made me nervous) I justified this ridiculous 'rule' by stating that for 8 months I have been envisioning him coming home.  I have my outfit picked out, a first meal in mind, a vision of us meeting at the airport.. and if he surprises me, there is no guarantee that his birthday presents will be wrapped or that sully will be bathed or that any of my other plans will actually come to fruition.  Obviously, I would get over all of these issues in a heart beat, but I have been thinking about his coming home since the day he got his orders for deployment -- that is longer than the time I had to plan our wedding(s).   

Anyhow, the countdown is already on!  His specific date of arrival back in the US is TBD, but it will be in July... and I couldn't be more excited!

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  1. And you know we all expect a detailed account of the homecoming! Ok, maybe not all the details...