Saturday, May 5, 2012

since he's been gone

i got all wrapped up in the idea of catching everything, honeymoon, wedding again, honeymoon again, trace leaving... and just felt overwhelmed about doing all those monumental things i just decided to skip it!

here we are 1.5 months away from Trace coming home and I'm shocked at how quickly the time has gone by.  Don't get me wrong, it seems like eternity since I've smooched his face, but when he left I never imagined making it to April..and now here we are in May! 

Since he's been gone..

Jessica, Austin & Travis took on Disney and Trav's 21st Bday.

We talked in this format.
Dad and Rachelle got hitched in Crawford.

Valentine's Day Surprise - Sully's favorite

1st semester of grad school dominated - despite Sully's protest.

The packing began.

Sully and his flop ear disapproved.

The boxes relocated.

Austin and Travis brought the party to Schertz!

Sully eventually decided he should protect this house/ freak out about all doorbell-like sounds... apparently, he has never heard such a noise before!

My new job required that I wear this obnoxious ear piece.  I attribute my future cancer to it.

Our wedding photographer finally came through and gave us something we paid for!


Sully love love love love loved his new back yard.  He pretty much swims in the grass!

I electrocuted shocked myself and then spent countless hours and took multiple trips to Lowe's to resurrect our ancient dryer! 

The last 6 months have been busy... and not so busy.  When I think about starting/dominating grad school, getting a new job and moving to a new house it seems like I should be too busy to count the days until Trace comes home.  But it is kind of sad doing all those things on your own.  Trace has gone out of his way to be present in my daily activities.. he wakes up at all hours of the night to call me after my work shifts and would have telekineticly moved boxes if he could!  He has been more than supportive and all too understanding when I call freaking out about minutia.   But... here we are... I'm half way moved in and he's 30 days from leaving Afghanistan.

I wasn't sure how this whole process would go, but I'm overall pleased.  Thank goodness for Steve Jobs and iMessage because Trace and I can pretty much "text message" all day.  However, we are only able to Skype (see eachother's face) if Trace wakes up in the middle of the night, when no one else is using his bandwidth.  Overall, I would say we have been lucky and I feel like he is safe.  That provides a peace I never thought I would get while he was gone.  

I have 2 weeks off until summer school starts, so I have no reason not to unpack the rest of these boxes!  I'm hopeful that the next month will fly by!  I can't wait until Trace gets home and we can really get this married life started!


  1. Yay! An update....a great one. Nice pix,too.What a great couple you are........o, threesome!

  2. As always, I LOVE the Minor Details updates! Stoked for 1 year of grad school behind you, new house, ans an upcoming homecoming for Trace!