Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well I finally have a chance to update this thing so here it is. This is what a typical day looks like for me here at COT: 0420 wake up, PT (running, push ups, sit ups, etc.) from 0500-0615, Breakfast from 0700-0800 but we get about 8 minutes to actually eat, class from 0800-1200, lunch, class from 1300-1800, dinner, studying until about 2300 then sleep. We repeat this process monday through friday which means we're putting in about 16-18 hours a day. Weekends are pretty much the same schedule but instead of class we just study. It's actually pretty cool. We march between classes and meals and act like true military professionals in training, but when we're back in the dorms we go back to "normal" people our age. Everyone here, all 152 people, are considered the group. There are three squadrons in the group, and 3-4 flights per squadron. I'm in Echo flight and we have a really good group of people. There are lots of details I could fill you in on but I have neither the time or energy to type them. To give you an idea of how tired I am, we had a blood drive today and I was asked three times if I was ok after I donated. When I told the person asking "yeah, I'm fine. Why?", they responded with "because you look like crap!". No I didn't pass out, but I did wanna take a nap, which didn't happen either.

In terms of the really fun stuff (the wedding), we haven't made any official plans yet. We're still enjoying the freedom of being able to say we should do anything that comes to our minds, regardless of how feasible it actually is. I imagine the real plans will start being put in to place not long after I'm back, but for now it's all just fun and games. I better wrap this up b/c I'm using somebody's phone as a hot spot for internet access. Who knows when I'll be able to update this thingamabopper again so adios for now!

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