Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reservations for Two

Well the ball is rolling and things are being checked off the to-do list left and right. We're setting up the photo taker and food giver. I'm assembling my ensemble piece by piece, but at least we know what we want it to look like. I'm swapping the Converse idea for my boots! Jess has an appointment for Monday to look at dresses in New Braunfels. Jess is dying to do a sand ceremony at the wedding, but I'm not completely sold yet. I guess ya'll will have to wait and see if we go with it or not. We're tossing around ideas to incorporate Sully in the ceremony but he can't pour sand because he doesn't have opposable thumbs. He's sacked out on his bed right now because he got to play at a puppy day care place all morning. We found a new place to take him that lets him and all the other dogs just run around the place and come inside and out as they please, which is how it should be if you think about it. Ok well that's pretty much all. Shalom!

P.S. Two kegs or three? ~150 people

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