Monday, June 27, 2011

Da Boo

Well things continue to fall in place. Caterer...check. Photographer...booked! DJ...looks like that one's done. There's still plenty to do but it's amazing how much less daunting the task looks when the big mamajamas are taken care of. Jess has her dress picked out and bought, but now has to find the proper footwear before she can get it altered. She's gonna look so hot when it's all finished ;) Now we've just to iron out the "minor details"...hahaha (get it?). We've still got to book the honeymoon and order a few things, but it shouldn't be that bad. Flowers are the only big thing still on the list, but no worries, they are under control.

On another note, the new season of True Blood has started!!! If you're not excited then you have no soul. And apparently there's a new season of that Teen Mom show with the original cast that Jess is uber excited about!!! The most exciting part of all this is that we finally got cable. Jess got it for me for my birthday so we can watch quality programming such as what was mentioned earlier. Well I'd write more, but we're watching True Blood and have priorities. Adios!

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  1. Your Aunt Joan keeps me up to date. Trace, you're a great writer! I'm eager to meet you and jealous that the rest of the Baumgardner clan already has. I very much enjoy this blog!!!!