Friday, July 15, 2011


I had to google "sunburnt" and it is, in fact, a real word..and I am, in fact, real sunburnt. Last weekend we met up with my cousin, his gf and my oldest younger brother on the Guadalupe river for a tubing adventure. Some spots in the river were shallow enough that we had to pick up our tubes and walk, but that didn't stop us from having a blast and a half. It was the perfect day and just as we could see our exit on the river, it started to downpour. I haven't seen rain since we moved to San Antonio - it was beautiful! Despite the 5 minutes of rain, T and I both got super pink, and only on our fronts. To add to the burntness, we spent yesterday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas to finish off T's birthday celebration.

Tube tops are my new bff - I don't want to look like a zebra for all eternity in our wedding pics.

This next week is full of lots of work...and class. Both T and I are now on the night shift. As if it weren't hard enough to sleep at day time, this week we will both be switching back and forth between night shift and day shift. Sully will be confused and I will be a zombie.

We are sending out our save-the-dates this week, which really means things are getting official. Where did time go? We are down to 3 months and some days...I guess we better get to work on more of the details of things. I'm so bad at this planning!!

Below are some pics of some random stuff since my last update -- the summer is going by too quickly!

Sully helping to celebrate T's birthday!

Date night - T stumbled across a Bush's Chicken in SA. He knows Waco-grown fast food is the way to my heart.

Eli Young Concert - I accidentally smacked that other guy in the face shortly after this picture. My singing got a little out of control -- shocking!?!

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