Friday, July 22, 2011

I Love (white) Gold (as said in a freaky deeky Dutch accent)

The details are droppin like flies. Today encompassed quite an adventure that started out as completely useless, but turned out to be highly productive. We embarked on a quest to experience the famous icehouse "Hills and Dale's" here in SA. Little did we, in particular me, know that H&D's is a true icehouse in the sense they don't serve food. We walked into the establishment and immediately noticed the 145 beers to choose from. Normally this would make me giddy as a school girl, but a man's gotta eat too and my primative instincts for digestion were too great to ignore. Unfortunately this visit was not meant to be so we were back on the hunt for something delicious. Who better to quell this craving than McAllisters?!?!? A cranberry turkey club with sweet tea is all I needed while the misses indulged in some sort of chicken panini. The wonderful combo of liquid gold and edible delectibles were all we needed to look at our remaining to-do list and say, "Bring it on!"

The next battle to be fought came in the form of pants. Anyone who has known me extensively knows the relationship between pants and me can be described as tumultuous at best. I have a ghetto booty and thunder thighs, while they served me wonderfully throughout my football career, their extreme size is not quite demanded as they once were. This makes buying pants that fit correctly a pain in the ass (pun intended). However, with McAllister's pumping through our veins, we made pants-buying scream for mercy in only two stores! Bow down chinos!!! Add to that we found a belt and several great prospects of shirts, the score became T/J-1, wedding to-do's 0. But wait...there's more!!!!

We trekked to the first jewelry store we could find via google maps on my phone and "Viola" we found a winner. Allow me to backtrack before I proceed. When it came to finding my beautiful bride to be a wedding band, I envisioned visiting no less than two stores before resorting to internet research, and then returning to three more stores before finding "the one". Back in reality, we walked into the first jewelry store my phone found for us and only tried on three styles before she tried on a beautiful ring and her face immediately lit up like a lightning bug's ass. All that was left to do was size it correctly and we've got ourselves a winner. It will be ready soon!

Should we stop there while we're on top?...I don't think so scooter!!! We ambushed the mall like wild banshees on the warpath hellbent on taking no prisoners. If you were on the to-do list, you were screwed. The only advice we could offer came from Ludacris when he said to "Move...get out the way!" This mission was two-fold: groomsmen's shirts and her shoes. Reconnaisance or assassination of either would be acceptable. Skip some details and two shirts laid victim to our actions as well as valuable information on shoes gained! Muahaha we are that good.

All of this done in one day?...tis true. And it's only Friday (it's Friday, gotta get down...stop singing that stupid song) so at this pace we will accomplish world domination by the 'morrow! Oh yes, the time has come, join us or be added to the list of victims muahahahaha!!!

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