Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wonk

Well it's been a while since this thing has been updated, but we've been so worried about raising the debt ceiling that we just haven't had time. We're so hopeful that a deal can be done soon! Back in reality, we've been doing what we do best...........annoying Sully. He's amused by it so it's all gravy. We've got ourselves a music man for the reception and a wonderful artist to work her cake magic for everyone's delight. The most important part of the whole thing has also been booked...the honeymoon! We're going to cruise from Galveston (a favorite place of ours from our Houston days) to Cozumel and Costa Maya and back. It's gonna be soooooo much fun and she's gonna be sooooooo hot!!! I've even started jumping through the hoops at work to be allowed to embark on such an adventure (don't you dare think something like asking time off to go "overseas" for a honeymoon is as simple as submitting a request with the military, that would just be silly). Just as important is booking where we're staying the night of the wedding, but ya'll don't need to know where that is exactly. Need I say more? ;)

Jess is addressing the "save-the-dates" as we speak/I type. I still pride myself in writing like a six year old that only I can read so I addressed my parent's and Nana's STD's (hahaha) but that's it. We're going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas tomorrow to release our inner child. It's gonna be some awesome!!! We plan on arriving shortly after they open so we don't have to wait in line that long and by the time it gets real hot we will have rode all of the dry rides and can start on the water rides. Be jealous!

Want useless knowledge? Well I'm full of it as most of ya'll know. But did you know that the Cookie Monster was originally named "Sid" before he tried his first cookie and became instantly addicted? Until next time, chew on that!

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